The One Thing That Separates Us From Animals

What is the one thing that sets us apart from the animals? Is it our self-awareness? Our ability to learn and adapt to our environment? Our ability to craft and use tools? Our ability to unlock the secrets of the universe? Nope. None of the above are right. I say what makes us different from... Continue Reading →



What would you do if no one knew who you were anymore? Another short story originally published in the store newsletter when I worked at Target back in college. It has a darker tone to it. I edited it a little bit. ISOLATION "Hi Bill," Andy shouted as he saw Bill walking through the parking... Continue Reading →

The Eden Spot

I came across it in 1990. I was living in an apartment back then. I was barely making rent, working a full-time job, going to school full-time and yet still unsure what to do with my life. Many times when I got discouraged, I’d go walking.  Sometimes I’d walk for hours, thinking, talking to myself,... Continue Reading →

Vote / Veto

Languishing in Language - Can’t be coincidence: Two words that mean different things but sound so similar that it can’t be by accident. vote / veto "One of for, one is against. Funny how flipping the vowels also flips the meaning"  

A Stranger In A Car

It was one of those mild January days in Minnesota when the temperature reached the thirties and the snow was receding like miniature glaciers on the dormant grass. I was driving to the grocery store when I spotted a girl, maybe eight or nine, walking alone on the sidewalk. I glanced back to eye a... Continue Reading →

All you ever have is this moment

The only thing that’s real is this moment. The past isn’t real. It’s only exists as a memory in your mind. Not accepting the past doesn’t change anything. It only causes resentment and bitterness, which is just your unwillingness to accept what has already happened. So accept the past and learn from it, but don’t... Continue Reading →

Could your family be fiction heroes?

I am the youngest of four brothers and I always thought how the four of us could fit perfectly into a fictional hero team: The Leader - My oldest brother Mike is bossy, condescending and thinks he’s always right. But he is also smart, a decisive leader and unfortunately is always right. The Athlete / Comic Relief ... Continue Reading →

What Defines A Person?

What defines a person? Is it their actions? Their thoughts? Their beliefs? Is it big events like weddings, graduations, having kids? Or is it the little things? Small decisions that we barely think twice about? I was going to Golden Valley Mall the other day. It's an aging mall attempting to muster an alluring atmosphere... Continue Reading →

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